Friday, February 24, 2017

It's Carnival on the Island... and some other parts of the World

Hello Pals,

Isn't it exciting? It's Carnival! Yey! "What is Carnival?" I hear some of you asking. Carnival is that time of the year when humans eat loads of sweets and meats, and also have loads of left over sweets and meats which half the time they forget on the table within my reach and which fall accidentally into my mouth. What's even better is that it lasts for four days and at the end of it, any meat that's left (not consumed by humans, and not 'accidentally' consumed by us) goes to us.

Humans sure are a funny species. Apparently they have this event whereby they fast for forty days from sweets. They say it's for religious purposes... I am not sure who they are actually fooling and who actually believes it. I have a feeling it's one of those things they say but don't even believe themselves. We all know why they fast from sweets for 40 days. By the end of the 40 days Summer
will be very close, and in summer most humans shed their coat and wear tiny tiny clothes. Fasting for 40 days usually helps them get into those tiny tiny clothes because they would have lost weight and supposedly look better!This time of the year also has it's very own sweets, you know the sort of thing you only eat during that time. Right now my human is doing something called 'prinjolata', I am helping her out by cleaning all the crumbs from the floor. I have also developed a doggy version. Recipe attached is of the human version, PM me for the doggy version.

Anyway, during this time they also wear funny clothing. Sometimes they even dress the dogs. Thank doG the human has her own mini-human to dress up. It saves us all the hassle. If there is something I hate, it's humans dressing me up. I don't mind putting a Bow-tie to raise up to an occasion or occasionally a hat, but I find it ridiculous when humans dress canines up! I saw pretty horrible costumes online of dressed dogs and I can honestly say I feel sorry for them. Once again... I am so so glad SHE has the mini-human to dress up, as otherwise I am sure she wouldn't hesitate to dress us up. It has happened a few times if you remember my early posts.

Anyway pals, I am off. It is getting rather late, and I am rather tired.

Speak soon,

Love Curtis

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