Sunday, March 19, 2017

A break

Hello Pals,

Hope you are all well. Appologies for the late blog, but I've been away on a small break at the doggy hotel together with Paige, Avril and Leia. It was an enjoyable week, and much needed, dare I say. I managed to relax and got away from my chores. I still had to look after the girls but at least I didn't have to take care of the mini human.

I got to know through the grapevine that the humans also went away, and by the smell on their clothes, it seems like they've been unfaithful again. I could smell hundreds, maybe thousands of different dogs on their clothes, and what confirmed it was the number of presents they got us. You know how it is with humans... first they are unfaithful then they buy you loads of presents so you forgive them.... and forgive them I did. They got me new
drinking bowls, 4 designer leads, 4 designer balls and 4 nylabones, loads of grooming products and new brushes. Since they didn't get anything for the girls I figured I'd share with them so they wouldn't feel left out, so now we have one each of each item. How cool is that! 

In the meantime whilst I enjoyed my break, it's good to be back home and have the humans back. Nobody prepares food like they do and while the doggy hotel was cool, it's great to be back in the fields. Unfortunately they still haven't homed the mini-human. Still hoping the perfect home comes up for him, but in the mean time he can stay here. I will continue to look after him to ease some of the burden off the humans. I do appreciate the effort they are doing to home him. I am pretty sure that the main purpose of their visit was to try and find him a good home, hence why they didn't leave him with us at the doggy hotel, but I guess that didn't work out too well. Oh well hopefully something will come up.

Anyway pals, I am off to sleep. I am dead tired. Nighty night, sweet dreams

Love Curtis