Monday, January 30, 2017

A successful weekend for Leia... and MORE treats for ME!

Hello Pals,

Hope you are all well. Things are good here, and the excitement is quieting down. Apparently it was a good weekend for Paige's offsprings, both locally and abroad. 'Baby Heavy', who, word has it, isn't a baby anymore and is now four years old is officially an International Champion and apparently a Slovenian Championship has also been added to her never ending list of titles. The human was super excited about it all...!!! Personally, I don't really see what the fuss is all about, but... if the human is happy, everyone is happy... You know what it's like with women (.... and bitches!!)

Anyway.... What I am really excited about is Leia's first point towards her Maltese Championship. In fact I have appointed my self as her personal trainer. I have developed a training programme for her,
Leia doing her stuff in the ring
which I am going to make sure she follows to the letter. Just like I did with Paige. She needs to win win win and win even more.... and do you know why? BECAUSE...Every time she does well, she gets SPECIAL TREATS for dinner.... and because the human is so sweet, she gives the rest of the crew SPECIAL TREATS for dinner, because she does not want us to feel left out. So as the math goes, the more Leia wins, the more special treats I..... I mean we ... I mean Leia... gets!!! So as of last Sunday I have started to make sure she does not over eat by eating any treats she steals myself. I am doing this to make sure she does not gain weight of course, no other reason. I am also waking the human up early to make sure she gets to take her for a walk and some exercise before going to work. According to extensive research conducted by self through several sources online, these are the perfect ingredients to condition a show dog. I need to dig up my old notes and see how I used to condition Paige, she was after all a very successful show girl before her retirement. Perhaps discussing it with her, won't be such a bad idea and I might as well use some of my old contacts and see what they come up with.

Well folks, I need to be off. More research awaits me.

Speak soon


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