Saturday, May 18, 2013

My New Business Venture

Hello Pals,

Hope you are all well. Everything is great here, in fact better than great...and in a few more months it will be even better.

You see, it has always been my dream to own a piece of land where I can train some sheep, play and relax. A safe heaven if you like for my retirement. Land is expensive and with no steady income I always thought my dream will remain just that... a dream. However...! I had the most brilliant of ideas last night whilst sitting outside watching little Avril, my mentee play. Everyone says she is so cute, everyone loves getting kisses from here and she in turn loves kissing humans. So... Why not make a business out of it? I saw this piece of land the other day, advertised on Maltapark. The price quoted was 14 000 Euro. So I figured, if every person that thinks she's cute was to pay 1 Euro to get kisses from her, and if 20 humans applied everyday, I'd make 14 600 Euro in 2 years (provided none of the years are a leap year of course!). That's enough to buy the land and the sheep and have a little extra to spare to build a room for the sheep to sleep in at night (subject to MEPA approval of course!). Isn't that fantastic? I have already spoken to Avril about this business venture of mine and promised her 10% of the profits. Unfortunately, I also have to give 5% to Paige, because she said she wouldn't give
permission otherwise. Bearing this in mind, it should take me slightly longer than 2 years to generate the money... HOWEVER... I had that sorted out too. I convinced Paige and Avril to have only one money bank, and for all of us to put any income we get in it for the next 2 years. At the end of these two years the three of us can decide on what we want to spend it on, and if we cannot agree , we can take a vote. That way I have nothing to worry about. If Paige were to be against the idea of buying our own piece of land (which frankly I don't think she will!), we can take a vote, and Avril will vote with me. That way it will be 2 vs 1. **GRIN** Oh the joys of being a mentor!

Below is a picture of little Avril and myself, and our marketing ad. You can click on it for a larger view. If anyone is interested in applying, please feel free to contact me via my facebook page.

Speak soon,

Love Curtis

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Busy days

Hello Pals,

Hope this blog post finds you all well. My oh my haven't I been busy. First taking care of the puppies and then taking under my wings a mentee. Yes indeed! I have a mentee under my wings or shall I say under my paws. These have been a very busy couple of months. Paige decided that 2 weeks of taking care of the puppies was more then enough, so I had to step in for 2 reasons. First because these defenceless little creatures needed protection, and secondly, to make sure that no evil power intervened and mentored them into becoming terrorists or weapons of mass destruction. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I made sure I met the families of the ones that stayed in Malta, and made it a point to accompany the ones that went
abroad. I couldn't accompany the boys that went to Belgium, so Cash took charge of that and went back with them. He said he will be keeping an eye on them there, because they were the most suspicious of the lot. It was hard seeing Cash go, he was after all my best mate, but we had to do this for the good of mankind and for the salvation of the human race.

Anyway, back to my mentee. My mentee is a Paige and Cash daughter, her name is Avril. My humans decided she had to stay  because she is the future of 'Edenisle'. Never mind that! I wanted to make that she did not learn anything from the Bug, so I made it a point to take her under my paws and mentor her in everything. At just over 4.5 months, she knows how to use a camera, how to use a laptop, how not to bark out of the window (unlike someone!), how to follow me around everywhere, how to play cute when she wants something and how to look all innocent when she has made a mess. Things seem to be progressing well. I have in mind to tell her about this blog in the future, but not just yet. I have to make sure she is completely loyal and able to keep a secret. I am not getting any younger, I will soon turn 5 years old and I need someone to carry on my legacy, and having no offspring of my own, my mentee is the next best thing. I am so proud of her, this morning I thought her how to swim in the big sea, thought her to play in black snow and to retrieve objects from water. The latter still needs some polishing up, but hey she is not even 5 months old yet! I would like to see her when she is my age. Wow! I think she will be something.

Anyway, I have to be off. She is asleep at my paws and I don't want her to wake up and find me writing here. I will tell her about this... in due time, but for now, this is our secret!

Speak soon