Thursday, December 20, 2012

Attention: 'The End of the World has been postponed!'

Dear Pals,

You can all sit in your seats tonight and relax. Fear not, cos the end is not near yet.  The world has been saved... by myself of course. I made it a point that the puppies that were meant to be born today were born two days ago, thus my friends, interfering with the Mayan prophecy! It stands to reason therefore that the end of the World has yet again been postponed.  Good job I intervened when I did because Paige was not harbouring 5 terrorists but 10! Yes! I guess they believe in strength in numbers and decided to team up together and dispatch 2 terrorist per human populated continent rather than one.

Anyway, since they were not born today you can all rest assured that these little gremlins are perfectly normal cute little puppies who are constantly drinking or sleeping, just like normal puppies do. HOWEVER, since looks can be deceiving (and we all know where that led me to with Paige when she was a cute little innocent being!) AND just to make sure nothing happens, AND just to make sure they have no 'Plan B' AND of course just to put all of your minds at rest, I will keep watch over them tonight. Make sure none of them manage to shape shift into anything alien, and I will make sure none of them leave this house tonight!!! I feel it is my job to protect this planet and all life over it (except cats of course!)

Anyway pals, I am off to watch the puppies make sure they are really cute little puppies... and nothing more,

Speak soon

Love Curtis