Sunday, October 21, 2012

Grrrrrrrrr... !

Hello Pals,

Have you read the Sunday paper today? There was a magazine with it and Paige and her new boy friend were on it! I am still in a complete state of shock... horrified to say the least. Can you believe that there was an article on Australian Shepherds and I was not featured in it? I knew about the article, so as soon as my humans bought the paper I went to look for it and you can imagine my horror when I saw their pictures and not mine! To add insult to injury, as soon as I switched the TV on, I see my human with Cash on it! Who does he think he is ? Jonny Cash?! And how did they do it? Who invited them? Who featured them? This warrants an investigation in its self!

Thinking about it, I think I might just know how they did it. Cash and I have been getting on really well lately. We have become best friends, so much so that Paige has been getting jealous. We play all the time, and she gets left out. What do you expect? She's a girl, she doesn't like the same sort of stuff we do. I am sure Paige found my invitation to appear on Television and on the magazine, emailed them in my name and let them know that her self and Cash would be featuring on the magazine instead of me as I would be away on vacation. They asked her to send pictures of us all, and she sent in two of hers and one of Cash's. I am sure she then emailed the television crew and did the same,  but they told her they only needed one dog and it had to be a male, so she was left with no option but to send Cash. Either that or she sent Cash on purpose so I would suspect it was him, get jealous and break off our friendship. I cannot believe she is jealous of her own boyfriend and myself! Girls are incredible. Well little bug, I need to inform you that Cash and my self are the best of friends and we will remain so. Try another plan girl!

In the mean time, I think I might have discovered why the world will end on the 20th December 2012... I need to confirm some facts and will post them on here. Hopefully we can devise a plan to contain the disaster... I will keep you all informed about the situation, but please keep it between us for the time being.

I have to be off,

I'll be in touch

Love Curtis