Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm back!

Hi Pals,

Wow! Cannot believe seven months have passed since my last blog post. Has it really been that long? I have so much to tell you I have no idea where to start! Let's give it a try...

So, best start with the main event I guess. My human finally gave in and agreed to marry my other human.  Yes! She who must be obeyed finally did it, she locked my human under lock and key and he is finally hers for the rest of his life. Poor boy! And he doesn't know what hit him. He is still happy about it. She must be drugging him or something. Either that, or he still hasn't realized what he has let himself into. I'm sure she will take away his family jewels now he officially belongs to her, just like she did with me!

Anyway, apparently, when a human locks another human up, they throw a huge party for all their friends. Not sure why, perhaps it is to celebrate the last few days of intact family jewels. During this party they have a huge cake, and you will never guess whom they put at the very top of the cake? ME! Yes... Moi .... Io ... Ich! They made a little statue of me wearing a tuxedo together with one of the models I used to date, a gorgeous blue girl. Oh I couldn't be more proud. They chose me to be on top of their wedding cake. That's not it pals, they also took Paige & myself to tour Europe. That's where the trouble started. Somehow an intruder managed to wiggle his way into our family. I really don't believe my humans. Paige found some foreign boyfriend, apparently he's Dutch but lives in Belgium, and he has moved in with us. Can you believe it? She only three years old and my humans let her boyfriend move in? I mean really!!! I tried to warn them but it was useless, they were too blinded by his looks. I just hope he doesn't mess up and get her pregnant.

Anyway back to our adventure around Europe we went to loads of places, swam in the Adriatic sea, tracked through the woods and even went to some shows. Paige apparently added a couple of more titles since my last blog including one during this trip, she is now a Multi champion. Can you believe it? My bug is a multi beauty champion? Cannot say I'm not proud of her, even though she can be a real b*tch at times.  My human says she is going to have a much deserved break from the show ring now, not sure why. Oh and I forgot to tell you, my human said I have a title too 'Heart Champion'. Not sure how I got it or what I did to win it but I am so proud of this title!

Anyway I have to go. I think I heard my humans car. Got to run... Bye!

Love Curtis