Friday, January 27, 2012

My Christmas Holidays

Hello Pals,

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. We certainly did. Santa Paws (Yes he changed his name from Santa Claws!), left us each a stocking full of toys and treats. I'm pretty sure the treats come from the North Pole because they were delicious, much better then what the humans usually get us.

We also had a fantastic New Year's Eve Party for all our pals while the humans were out. There were about fifty of us, all drinking and eating. When everyone left, Paige & I set on the sofa drinking some of my human's finest Scotch. The problem was, I didn't wake up until I heard the key enter the lock. What a mess! The place was a pigsty... and the humans were home. How were we going to explain all this to them?! Thank doG they were too drunk to notice the mess there was when they came home, and went straight to bed. Phewwww! That gave the bug and I some more time to clean up, but it certainly was a very close call! We need to be more careful next time!

Can you keep a secret? Think the Bug and I are going to become very famous soon. We discovered BLACK SNOW. We have a sample of it here at home hidden under the human's bed and we are running some tests on it. We hope to go back to were we found it some time soon so we can get more, as well as observe it in its natural environment. We discovered it by chance really. We were out on one of our walks with the humans and Paige ran down to the beach, and there was tones of it, we were jumping and playing in it. It's not as cold as white snow, and it doesn't turn yellow when you pee in it but it's as bouncy as white snow, and your feet sink through it. I've attached a picture of it, please keep it between us as we are still experimenting with it to learn more about its properties.

Pals, I have to be off, I just spotted my human's car outside. She's back from shopping, and I don't want her to find me here. I 'll try to post soon, it's a nightmare to find a free laptop these days, the humans seem to be working on them every day. I need to get my own... any sponsors? Part exchange with the neighbour's cat is also considered.

I'm off pals,

Speak soon

Love Curtis