Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Skills

Hello Pals,

Hope all is well. I am exhausted. What a weekend it has been. Paige and I went for a day out last Sunday in the countryside to what the humans think was a picnic. What they don't know is that I had set everything up in advance and that in reality it was a "Meet the Fans Day". It was great and I made loads of new friends and got fed loads of treats. I performed tricks for my new best friend, a human kid called Martina and everyone has now discovered that Paige and I are excellent baby sitters. I hope it doesn't give the humans any bright ideas, such as bringing little humans home. I can deal with them for the day, but that's it. Can you imagine what it would be like if I had to keep up with a little human all day, everyday?! Well to be honest, I don't think it could be any worse then having the Bug as a puppy.... Can it? Well whether it is or not... I don't think it's worth risking. It would mean I'd have to share my toys, my bed and my treats not only with the Bug but also with the little human. I don't like the idea.

Speaking of sharing and Paige, she is now talking about having little bugs her self next year. I can see why the Mayans predicted the end of the world for 2012...!!! To make matters worse, the father to be is apparently someone called Diablo, which by the way translates to 'Devil'. This must be a bad omen. Puppies from the bug and the Devil himself... CATASTROPHIC. I must work out a plan to stop them. Any ideas? Get working on it pals, we are talking about puppies from a girl named after a witch and for all we know she could be a witch, fathered by someone named after the devil! This is our future and that of the entire world we are talking about. Geeze! How can the humans permit this? How can we warn them of all this?

Anyway, back to my "Meet the Fans Day", I got loads of attention and of course Miss Paige was put in the shade for a while, but of course she couldn't stand not getting the attention so she HAD to do something to attract the attention. Guess what she did? She dug up a grave! Can you believe it? She dug up another dog's grave just to show everyone she can make a good cadaver dog. Geeze that girl! Not even a dead puppy can rest in peace when she's around. Anyway, at least the humans told her off, covered the grave again and put some flowers over it. Actually thinking about it... I hope she did it just to attract attention and not because she needed the bones for some spell. Guess I'd best go and do some research on the subject, make sure she is not meddling with stuff she shouldn't be.

Speak soon

Love Curtis XXX

P.S If anyone is interested, I have another "Meet the Fans Day" this afternoon. Hope to see you all there.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The humans are back

Hello Pals,

The humans came back home early last week, and it was good to have them back. They smelled like dogs, and we could tell they had BOTH been unfaithful to us this time, but they are forgiven because they got us loads and loads and loads of toys and treats. We missed them loads, but of course I cannot say we were sad when they weren't here. Grandpa and Grandma stayed with us, and of course like all the grand parents, they spoiled us with extra treats and cuddles in the evenings as well as playing fetch with my orange squeaky every evening. The only thing I didn't like was that the fact that they chucked us out of MY bedroom and took MY bed, while I had to sleep on the sofa! Hrumphh...! Of course I'm now back to sleeping on MY bed, but I'm nice, I share it with Paige and my humans.

When they got home, the humans also mentioned they brought us something for St. Patrick's Day and I was so looking forward to it. I was hoping it was Guiness or some other Irish Beer. Instead they got me a huge green bow and got Paige a green hair band with two green clovers dangling from it. I cannot say I was particularly thrilled with my bow, but as long as it makes the humans happy, then that's fine, plus I think it suited me a lot, in fact my picture with it could easily be used for "Bow Selling" advert. What was so funny though, and made the whole experience worth it was Paige's grumbling and look on her face when the humans put the band on. Oh it was priceless! I would have taken a picture of her with her funny expression but she has learnt to smile for the camera. She knows that if she behaves long enough for her picture to be taken the human will soon remove what ever she made her wear and give her treats. Haha... she still looks pretty stupid though in it... and I am soooooo going to enjoy posting that picture of her on here for all the world to see :))

Anyway pals, I have to go. The human wants to use the computer I think,

Speak soon

xxx Curtis

Monday, March 7, 2011

Party Time

Hello pals

Hope all is well in your part of the world. Paige & I are home alone again & by the looks of it, it will be like this for a good few days. The humans packed their big black bags, hugged us really tight & told us to be good for grandpa & grandma. This usually means we have the house to ourselves during the day & then get spoilts by grandma & grandpa in the evening. It also means loads of toys when they get back.

So seeing we will be all alone tomorrow morning we are holding a party. Entry requirements are as usual: you must be less then 1m at the shoulder, have 4 legs and be able to bark. This means no humans or cats can or will be admitted. Please provide
a copy of this page as proof of invite. A password will also be required. the password for admission is 2 successive barks, 1 growl and the letters Y T R A P in k9 alphabet.

Got to run pals, grandpa & grandma will soon be here.

See you all tomorrow ,

Love Curtis