Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Special

Hello Pals,

Hope all is well. My blog is down to once, maybe twice monthly rather then weekly these day. I'm sorry but the laptop is never home when the humans are out these days. So I have to write my blogs when they're home and out of the room. Very risky... so I have to be really careful nobody notices and I can assure you it is NOT easy with two humans and a bug in the house, but thank heavens for Cesar Milan! All of them are in front of the TV watching it, so I have just enough time to edit the pictures I took today and write a quick blog.

It's the 14th February today... Valentine's day! The day for lovers... and the day for us boys to treat that special female in our lives. Seeing I have no other half, I decided to treat Paige and the humans... Yes humans... not human! As always my human forgot about the red rose, so while he was at work and my human ma was asleep I decided to go for a quick errand and buy 2 red roses.... one for myself to give to Paige and one for my human dad to give to my human ma. That way I have saved him a lot of grief from her for not getting her a red rose! For the second year in a row, he still hasn't figured out how the red rose finds its self on the table all wrapped up and ready to be given to the other human. He must be a bit slow ... Seriously... if he didn't buy it and the other human didn't... who does it leave? It leaves the Bug and myself... The Bug of course is too dumb to even think about getting a gift for my human to give to the other human... So it stands to reason that I got it... so he is either blind to the obvious fact that I'm smart or he just doesn't want to see. I guess he is scared I will surpass him in our pack! Oh well.

Anyway, let me tell you about my Valentine's day. One of my humans spent the entire day asleep because she was after her night shift, while my other human was at work. This gave me enough time to prepare a candle light lunch for Paige. It would have been cuter if it where a dinner, but I wasn't sure if the humans would be going out or not. So I prepared a delicious 3 course meal. I started with bone and heart shaped dog biscuits. Then I prepared a sauce for our kibble, served with a glass of non-alcoholic doggy wine and as a dessert I prepared a banana and doggy chocolate heart with cream... and boy did she enjoy it! I think I will be in her good book for months. I don't know about months, but I hope I will be in her good books at least till the 14th March, then hopefully she can introduce me to one of her friends for that SPECIAL DAY.

Oh no! I hear foot steps ... I think Cesar Milan has just finished. Got to run. Hope you enjoy the pictures

Love Curtis

PS. Re: 14th March... if you're wondering what it is, go and google it. If your a male... you will thank me ;)