Monday, January 24, 2011

This and That...

Hello Pals,

Guess who's back from her "Business Trip" (... which of course we all know wasn't really a business trip)  ? She came home acting as if nothing had happened, as if she didn't cheat on us with seven other aussies and expected hugs and kisses. Well she wasn't going to get any, but then she opened her suit case, and out came the whiskey for my other human and loads and loads of treats and toys for Paige and myself. So of course, we had to forgive her. That's how things work in the human world right? They mess up, buy gifts and it's all forgotten, right?

Glad she is back because she is no longer cheating on us and glad she came back cos she got us toys but I am not glad she is back because she using the laptop all the time. Her excuse is that she is studying for her exam, but she is on Facebook every time I pass by and check. Who does she think she's kidding eh?! I can't wait for her results. With a bit of luck she would have failed and then decide to quit. That would mean more time for us to play.... Yey!

My treated paw print is finally ready. Have a look... and let me know what you think. My official autograph. Get your limited edition one pals, they will be worth millions in the future. My human is using this one as a paper weight, I hope she doesn't break it! Speaking of autographs... a man in a car stopped us today. He was about to ask for my autograph when he noticed my humans where with me and of course he couldn't blow my cover, so in a panicky state he turned to my humans, pretended to be an undercover law enforcement officer and asked them if they had a doggy bag to clean up my "waste". Very clever of him I thought. Well mate, if you're reading this blog, you can send me an email with your address and I will send you my autograph and some free merchandize for your effort. Thank you for not blowing my cover!

Anyway pals, I have to go and eat. It's rather late already.

Speak soon,

xxx Curtis

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Human is Being unfaithful!

Hello Pals,

Happy New Year!

A new year and new resolutions, and for some, why not, a fresh start. Well I'm sorry to say that not everyone sees it that way, my human to begin with. She has left us with my other human and went away, she was supposed to be away on business, but I can confirm that this is not true. I have seen pictures of her taken by Paparazzi online! Paparazzi I hear you ask ? Well of course, they follow famous and well known icons or their connections and since she is MY human she bound to be followed by them too! Anyway, you are not going to believe this, she has been caught on camera being unfaithful with.... not one... not two... not three... but SEVEN other aussies. Can you believe how betrayed the Bug and I feel? How can she do this to us? She went to another country and she has some herd of her own! And... that's not all! One of them is Paige's sister! Argghhh! I can already see the Newspapers tomorrow morning and their headlines on the front page: 'Curtis' human unfaithful' or 'Curtis betrayed by his sister in law' or 'Curtis betrayed in the Netherlands'. Grrrrrrr! I'm so mad at her. I hope she will get us some gifts to make up for this, otherwise she WILL NOT be forgiven.

In the mean time, when the cat is away, the mice will play and whilst she is enjoying herself in the Netherlands  we have been sleeping in her bed with the other human, licking the plates and going on long walks together with the other human. That's not all, we are also getting loads of treats and sssssshhhhhh.... don't tell this to anyone... human food too!!!!

Anyway pals, this was just a short blog, the other human is about and I don't want him to catch me online.

Speak soon


PS Thank you Rianne Van Tiggelen for the picture of MY human being unfaithful with 7 other aussies!