Friday, December 31, 2010


Hello Pals,-

Hope all is well. It's been crazy round here. I've been so busy taking care of the Bug who has again injured her paw, that I haven't realised two weeks have passed since my last Blog. So I have just enough time to write a quick update before the humans wake up from their nap.

Christmas was GREAT! The man in the red suite came again this year and filled our stockings with toys and treats just like last year. I can't believe I didn't catch him though. I stayed up all night waiting for him, and as I went out side to empty my bladder, and left the Bug on watch ... he came... and guess what... SHE WAS ASLEEP! Anyway, I decided to do some research on the guy. Apparently he is called Santa Claws, now that is something I don't like. It makes him sound like there is a fat cat under that suite! So anyway, I will be soon starting a petition to change his name to Santa Paws... so anyone wanting to help, please send me an email and I will send you the details. I don't want to put too many details on here in case he doesn't like... I don't want to upset the guy, in case he puts a lump of coal in my stocking next year.

Anyway, on Christmas morning, the humans helped us open his presents and they also gave us their's. They opened the presents we gave them, and they all loved them. We then went to Curpaige beach, and played in the sea and rolled in the sand. After that, we went home and where pampered to a bath with a pedicure and a manicure. Then, the humans decided to dress us up to take some pictures. As usual I looked ever so photogenic. The same cannot be said for the Bug, who wasn't too pleased (hihi.... look at her picture, her expression says it all!) The human dressed up as well. She looked ok, but naturally not as good as myself. We also had a special meal on Christmas day with a fabulous dessert called "Dog Teasers", special chocolate balls made out of special chocolate for dogs, which won't harm us. It's special and comes from the North Pole, Santa P (C) aws brought it for us. I love Christmas!

Then, two days after Christmas, my humans together with Daniela (Jake's human) and the slave (I think he's called Josvic), went to tour the pals who have no humans of their own to give them staff to sleep on, staff to eat and treats. The Bug and I gave them some of our food and bedding. The pals were really happy to receive them, and so were the humans taking care of them. It always makes me so sad to think about them, so I decided to make a New Year's Resolution... the only one for this year: To put some food and treats apart every month so that my humans can give them to them at Christmas next year. I have told Paige too and she has decided to do the same. Spread the word around pals, together we can feed loads of other pals in shelters who aren't as lucky as us to have humans who cuddle them and kiss them and spoil them. We have a lot to be grateful for.

Anyway pals. I got to run. I just heard the alarm go off,

I'll speak to you in the New Year! Have a wonderful beginning, and make sure you don't drink too much human alcohol, remember it's not good for us.

Speak soon,



Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Precious Paw and other stuff

Hello Pals,

Hope all is well. As you may have noticed my blogs are becoming less frequent. I am sorry about this, I know you all eagerly wait for my pictures and write ups but when you're as popular as I am, it can at times be hard to find time to post a couple of lines. However, I haven't forgotten about you all my loyal fans and friends. So here is another one.

I have recently found out that I have a VERY precious paw, so precious in fact that my humans have asked me for an autograph which I have cast for them in clay. They were so happy with it, my human is treating it with some stuff so she can use it as a paper weight. That is not all. My human is constantly asking me to sit and give him my paw. It doesn't cost me  anything so I hand it to him when ever he asks for it. He gets all happy and excited when I do and says I'm the best boy ever! Humans eh! They please themselves with such little things. It makes you think how happy they'd be if they were allowed to run naked and lift their legs against every corner they see and smell each other's butts, just like us pals do. Humans miss so much from the pleasures of life.

My human has thought me how to use the photo camera or so he thinks. He sets it up for me, and sets the remote.... then I just put my paw on the remote and "click," the picture is taken. The picture attached of the Bug is one of my very first photos. Very nice, isn't it :) ? Of course we all know that I have been taking pictures for a very long time when they're not home, but now I can use the camera even when they're home as they think it's a trick they taught me!

And... you'll never guess what grew back in the living room this year? The six foot tree with all its funny fruits  which I never got to taste last year, together with the hundreds of little fairy looking lights. The two stockings with our names have appeared as well! I wonder if the man in the red suite is coming again this year. I hope so. He brought us loads of treats and toys last year.

Anyway Pals, I have to run. Humans will soon be back from shopping.

Speak soon (I hope!)

XXX Curtis