Monday, November 29, 2010

Shaping Up

Hello Pals,

Hope all is well all over the world. I am breathless after another workout. I've been up and down the stairs all morning making sure to keep in shape. Paige and I have been working out during the past couple of weeks. She said she would come with me to help me lose weight. What I didn't know about was her hidden agenda!

She was shaping up and looking for a boy the whole time, and I thought she was being a good sister and supporting me. The humans found out, so she is now not allowed anywhere off leash! Haha... serves her right! No hanky panky behind the human's back and no chance of herself multiplying her self. Good! That gives me a good few years to build up more stamina for when the little Bugs are born. The only down part to all this is, that because the Bug cannot be off leash, we cannot go to the beach for the next few weeks or so. *Sigh* That means I have to work out on my own at home, running upstairs and jumping up and down the sofa.

Those of you who have been following me on Facebook might have realised that my "profile picture" changed from my picture to that of "Gnasher" the dog from Dennis The Menace. Well for anyone wondering why, this was something that was going on, on Facebook. Basically anyone on Facebook was supposed to change their profile picture for their favorite cartoon character from childhood and since Gnasher was my favorite, I put its picture up. You know... I never quite understood whether Gnasher was a boy or a girl, but anyway... Just to put your mind at rest pals, my picture is back up. So you can all enjoy my teddy bear face.

Anyway pals, I have to be off. I need to go and guard the front door as boys are queing up outside to see the Bug, and human won't be too pleased when she finds out I haven't been down stairs scaring them off.

I will attempt to write soon, but I can't promise anything. It's rather hectic round here these days.



Thursday, November 11, 2010

Loads of stuff

Hello Pals,

Sorry for not posting for a while but I had a severely injured paw which I hurt whilst training and shaping up to protect the Bug now that she is a champion. I couldn't type, couldn't even walk on it for that matter. The humans bandaged it up for me, so glad they removed the bandaged and I can type, walk, run and swim again!

So catch up time.... Since the last Blog, the Bug won another show. That's when I decided to start shaping up. So I started running again and jumping. Thought I'd replace my family pack with a six pack, but shortly after starting, I got injured. I quickly recovered though thanks to my personal medical staff.... my human ma and human grans. You see, the humans had to go on holiday so human granddad and human nanna, came over to look after us. I loved every minute of it. They spoilt us rotten, even took time off from work so we wouldn't be left alone all day. Human granddad also had an injured foot, so he could relate to what I was going through and took really good care of me. We got to eat extra treats, sleep on the bed and stay up late! How cool is that! Then, when the humans got back, they got us extra treats, and toys. I think they felt guilty they left us behind.

They took us swimming today. We hadn't been on a sandy beach for months. Loved rolling around in the sand, and fetching our "sea toy". The "sea toy" is a treasure I found once will at "Curpaige beach", it is the only thing I will fetch for my humans from the sea. We stayed at the beach for over an hour. Then went home and the humans washed us and gave us both a haircut. I really look like I came out of a magazine cover now. Can't wait till they go abroad again!

Anyway pals, got to run. I have loads of catching up to do. The humans took the laptop with them when they went on holiday, and I am still catching up on my emails. Enjoy the pictures. The first is of me and my injured paw, prior to my haircut. The other is of Paige and I taken this morning at the beach with MY treasure

Love Curtis