Monday, September 27, 2010

Keeping a Low Profile

Hello Pals,

I realize this Blog is ultra late this week, but I've been so busy trying to keep a low profile that I forgot all about my Blog. It's been a busy week (or two!), so busy I have no idea from were to start in fact. Autumn has started so I can wave good bye to the event-less summer days. Long are the days of sleeping for long hours in the balcony and sunbathing. Autumn is here and so are our long walks in the countryside, at least a weekend every month away from the Bug while she is at shows, school and Frisbee!

Speaking of weekends away from the Bug, earlier this month she went to Italy with my human ma, while I stayed at home with my other human having a boys weekend. She was supposed to go to Naples for a show, which she did, and apparently did well as well in spite of her being completely naked at this time of the year (out of coat - not naked in the other sense of the word!). What the human and herself "forgot" to tell me was that they were going to Rome. She said it was unplanned and that they went for an eye test, but I find it hard to believe. Anyway, while I was having my Boy's weekend with my human Pa, Paige and my other human were in Rome visiting the Colosseum, Old Rome and the Vatican City. I also heard rumors that Paige also requested an audience with the Pope, which of course he refused. I can understand why of course.... she wasn't with me. I'm sure he would have cancelled all his appointments for the day to meet me had I gone with them. Hrummmppppphhhh... Their loss! I sure enjoyed my weekend with the Boys, drinking beer and eating Cheese Burgers! We don't get to do that very often when the other human and the Bug are here. They're all about healthy eating and drinking water, like that's going to make you live a longer life! Eh... Girls!

 As I said earlier, long walks in the countryside have also started.... and we nearly lost the Bug in one of them. We were playing "catch the rock" with our human when she decided she wanted to explore the "Blue dot" approaching us from far away, so she ran off towards it. The human started screaming and shouting but Paige was too interested in the blue dot, which by now I had figured out was a blue truck. I closed my eyes and couldn't look while my human went running after her. She then stopped, watched the truck pass by from in front of her and came running back to us all happy wiggling her butt. The human nearly had a heart attack.... and so did I. My personal slave nearly got run over!

Anyway pals, I have to go. It's raining outside and the Bug is having all the fun without me, rolling in rain water and singing in the rain. I'll speak to you another time. I hope you like the picture of the Bug and my human in Rome. Of course the Pope would be in it had I gone with them, but seeing they didn't take me, they're standing there alone!

Love Curtis

Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm OFFICIALLY a Celebrity - Thank You Fans

Hello Pals,

I have news today. I have just been flicking through one of the magazines which came through the post this morning when I turned to Page 11 and couldn't believe my eyes. My Blog... This Blog.... is featured there! My oh My! First a Facebook fan page and now a magazine. I am becoming more popular then I thought. This is no school magazine or journal, this is a magazine that goes to every household on the island. The 400 000 inhabitants, young and old, rich and poor, short and tall...  of this island all have access to it! Wow! I'm amazed! I still cannot believe it.Thank you to the reader who submitted my site to Vida.

Of course, I won't be surprised that I will start getting offers to pose for the front cover of similar magazines, that, followed by Paparazzi snapping pictures of my every  move. Now that is something to think about! My humans would surely find out. That raises another question... Do I make it a point to tell them myself? Or let them find out? Once they find out, whether I tell them myself or not.... What will their reaction be? Will they sell me? I will surely be worth much more money! Think "Lassie", I'm sure she's worth thousands of Euro. A gorgeous Lass like her! To begin with I have to hide this magazine or feed it (or at least Page 11) to the 'Bug', otherwise I risk my humans finding out about it and it will all be over. In the meantime, whilst waiting for my first "Front Cover Offer" to arrive, I will try to think of the best way to tell them. I suppose its better if they found out from me, then from someone else. I'm sure they love me way too much to send me away. After all, how can they not love a handsome boy like me?

I'm off pals, I need to get my beauty sleep. Cannot risk being caught on camera with bags under my eyes or looking tired.

Speak soon


Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Day without the Bug... and Stuff

Hello Pals,

Haven't been posting much as life has been pretty event-less recently. I'm still enjoying the last few days of summer. We've been going to the beach almost everyday of course and out for walks, but we spend most of our time in the balcony looking outside. The Bug is growing up, and she doesn't sleep as much as she used to, so I can hardly ever find time away from her wile the humans are at work to write in my blog. If I'm away from her for too long, she starts asking questions and the last thing I want is for her to figure out I've been using the human's laptop. If she does, I would have to show her how to use it, and I'm sure it won't be long then, before she breaks it and makes a mess out of it. Then how do I explain that to the humans? That would also mean the end of this blog.

A couple of days ago, Paige had to go to the vet to get some X-rays done. The human says she needs to make sure Paige is healthy and doesn't carry any problems before she can have "little gremlins" in 2012. Now that is something I hope never happens. Can you imagine? Some six or seven little Bugs running around and tugging my coat? I can see why humans are saying 2012 is the end of the World! THEY will be born... and THEY will try to take over the World. Anyway, enough about that prospect. As I was saying, the Bug had to go to the vet to have her X-rays taken and make sure her hips and elbows are as they should be. She was there for the entire day, while I stayed at home, alone with my human. Oh! It was so peaceful. I got loads of cuddles, and time for play with my own toys without the Bug taking them away from me. I think it was the first time I got time alone with my human ma since the Bug came, as usually I get time alone with my other human will my human ma and the Bug are at a show. It was kind of cool, and it brought back loads of memories of the days my human and I used to spend alone at home while the other human was at work. I have to admit though, that in the end I started to miss the Bug. I could feel something was missing in the house (of course I would never tell her that!), and was so happy when she got back. I suppose, I cannot live without her!

Oh no! I hear Paw Steps.... Got to run! Speak to you all next week.

Love  Curtis