Sunday, August 15, 2010

My holidays

Hello Pals,

Apologies for the late reply but I had totally forgotten about my holiday. I have been so busy managing my blog, taking care of the Bug and guarding the house that I totally forgot all about my break. You see it can be stressful doing all of the above, so every year my humans give me a week off. A week where I don't have to look after Paige, or take care of the house... and I also take the opportunity to  have a break from my blog.

To make a long story short, I have been living the life of a King. It was so relaxing having the humans home for an entire week and not having to constantly look out for Paige and make sure she doesn't get into trouble. The humans made a new porch for me as well, under which I can relax. The breeze under it is incredible. I have to share it with Paige of course, but I love it. I have also learnt how to swim, and to enjoy the sea. When ever I used to go to the beach with the humans I used to enjoy splashing around in the water and rolling in the sand, while Paige swam. Now I have learnt how to swim and I love it. I think I want to be a Merman or a Merdog in my next life. It's so cool in there, and you don't even feel the heat! I can see why Paige loves it so much. I hope the humans continue to take me now that my holiday is over.

During my holidays we also got a huge new fan just for us. Paige loves it. She sits in front of it when ever it gets too hot, which means I get a timeout from her play. Mind you, she is maturing, and I am doing a great job in turning her into my very own personal slave. It suits her too, after all her name means "young servant". She has learnt to clean my eyes and ears every day and whenever they get dirty, that way they are always clean, and I don't have to put up with the humans splattering cosmetics all over my eyes and ears!

Anyway pals, I have to be off. Picture above is of me under the new porch, the second picture is of Paige next to her fan and the last picture is of Paige cleaning my eyes. I hope you enjoy the video of us swimming. Sorry about the quality, it was taken with my human's phone as she forgot the camera