Friday, June 18, 2010

This and that....

Hello Pals,

I'm all sad today. The humans are all packed and ready to go. I won't see them for 3 whole weeks :( We will be staying home and my human's humans will be taking care of us here. They are moving in for 3 weeks, which means no Blogs for 3 weeks. I don't know their routine and I certainly cannot risk them finding my paw marks on their laptop or even worse surprise me while I'm typing my blog. It will surely spook them, and what's worse, I'd risk being shipped off to some laboratory for tests to be conducted on my brain, seeing I have a higher I.Q. score then a lot of humans, never mind dogs. That would mean: No more treats, no more cuddles, no more humans and no more Bug... actually I might think twice on that last part...... Nah! Too much to lose!

Other then that, life's been fine. The human said she'll be giving me another birthday present today when she wakes up, and then another 3 when we celebrate my birthday, that brings the total to at least 6 presents for my brithday

In the meantime, I have started a new school and I'm doing really well too. I get to run free off leash and play with other pals. There is an agility track and I can go in and out of the tunnel as I please :) I love it. I have a new best friend too, he's an 8 month old Yorkie called Bruce. His human likes to dress him up and put bowes in his hair. He looks a bit ... er... how shall I put it... "girly" ? But he's kind of cool. The Bug sometimes comes aswell, she has her own friends, so I get to get rid of her for a while and can chase the girls as I please without having her nagging me and sticking her nose in where it is not wanted. I particularly like this yellow Labrador, she's called Maya. I'm going to miss all my new friends from school I guess while the humans are abroad. I hope they won't forget about me.

Well Pals, I have to be off. It's getting kind of late, and the humans will soon wake up,.
I'll speak to you in 3 weeks,

Love Curtis

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Splash Day and my new Present....

Hello Pals,

Hope all is well. Life is simply amazing on the island. The weather is sunny, all the doors in the house are open and I get to walk in and out, sit in the sun or in the shade as I please. The Bug finally seems to be maturing and I got early birthday presents. What else could I ask for?

My birthday is approaching fast. I have to admit I was a bit sad as my humans are going to be away on holiday, but I am feeling much better now. You see the humans were feeling a bit guilty about missing my birthday, so they got me loads of presents to make up for it, plus we will get to celebrate my birthday anyway when they get back! How cool is that? I get to celebrate my 2nd Birthday twice in two months. I was allowed to have two presents yesterday. Aunty Thumbelina, Jake's human, got me two packets of super delicious treats. I got to try them yesterday and they are amazing... no... made in heaven.... simply Divine! They are so good, I will do anything for them. Unfortunately, I have to share them with the Bug, which is fine really because she shares hers with me.

The second present I got to open yesterday was a new flexi-lead. Now, I have to admit, I am not a big fan of leads but I love this one. Thanks to this new Flexi-lead, the human can take us both in the country side and on the beach alone, without getting worried that I will go off to say hello to other dogs or go for a run after joggers. We tried it this morning and it was great. The human took us swimming and for a walk in the countryside afterwards, and we were as good as gold. She said she will be taking us more often if we're this good every time. I can't wait!

Afterwards it was time to go home, and of course time for our torture bath... or so I thought. Instead of a torture bath, we got a 'fun bath'!!! We were both sprayed with water and were then allowed to play in the puddles of water outside, as well as skid around and play with our rope and our yellow ball. Boy it was fun! The human said we will get to do this more often in summer. She says it will help to keep us cool. I can't wait :)

Anyway pals,  I have to be off now. Hope you enjoy the pictures of Paige and I, all wet after our bath.

Love Curtis