Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Busy Busy Busy...

Busy ... Busy .... Busy... I've been as busy as a Bee this week. Tasks have ranged from guarding the house from workers working next door to making sure the Bug is kept busy so she doesn't bother them, and I can assure you she has been a total nightmare. I have to make it a point to speak to my humans about this or somehow let them know. It is proving to be a very difficult task and it is draining me. I hardly have anytime for myself. 

Because of  her I cannot sleep during the day, because of her I cannot write in my blog and because of her I cannot sunbathe, now that the sun is shining more often. Instead of maturing, she is in regression! It could of course be that she THINKS she is an adult now and that she can do whatever she wants. Girls are a nightmare at this age. I hope my humans don't even think about bringing another one into the house. One teenager is draining me, I dread to think what two would do! From the way they talk though, it sounds like I'm going to have to go through it over and over again throughout the years. Hopefully it won't be anytime soon, or I'm going to pack my things and find a place of my own. Of course that would mean aquiring my own laptop, my own camera, my own food, my own water, my own toys, my own bed.... On second thoughts, I think I'm staying here. I realize I have to put up with the Bug and share all of my stuff with her, but had I had to work to get all of my stuff, I think I wouldn't have time to sleep anyway! It's something I have to seriously think about.
Thankfully I got a peacfull day last Saturday. She had a dog show, so I got to stretch my legs, play with MY toys and sleep all day on MY sofa. From what I heard, she did well. In fact, not only did she get her first CAC, she also got Reserve in Group with the adults, and she is only 11 months old. I have to admit, I am proud of her. I hope she keeps winning, these shows are really a goD send. I can get a break from her for a few hours at least.
Geeze pals, I have to cut this short again. I think she went upstairs, got to run... Can't let her disturb the works
Love Curtis

Thursday, April 15, 2010

This and that....

Hello Pals,

Not much to write this week. It’s been a relatively quiet week. I’m being a very good boy eating ALL my food, and Paige’s, if I get the chance. She, on the other hand is being rather naughty. She is not eating her food, but will take a mouthful if I approach her food bowl or try to eat from it. She will also eat anything else that smells or looks like food. Girls eh? Who can understand them! They don’t even know what they want!

Life here is pretty boring at the moment. It must be because the humans are a bit busy with work.  All they have been doing during the past week is sleep and watch tv while at home. I am trying to make life interesting for them so I try to wake them up when they sleep by throwing my toy at them. I mean, sleeping while at home is a complete waste of time, especially when we’re all there. I have also tried to get their attention by destuffing Paige’s pillow. The human wasn’t very amused. I thought it was really cool, the bedroom looked like a Christmas Card. It looked like it had snowed. Gosh I miss the Snow!

The weather is getting warmer, and my walks shorter. This means we'll start going to the beach more often. The humans are also talking about a holiday. I have yet to figure whether they're taking us with them or whether we are staying home alone again, in which case I will have to start preparing for some parties while the humans are away. 

No pictures this week, but I've managed to upload a video the human took of us last time we went to the beach. We tried to dig a whole to the other side of the earth but it was time to go back home before it was finished, because the Bug kept waisting time playing with her frisbee while we were working. It would have been cool though if we had finished it. Imagine it... just like the tunnel from the UK to France, only it goes to the other side of the World where ever that is. It would probably bring loads of tourists and my humans would make loads of money, which means they would be able to buy us loads of toys and treats. There would be one downfall though, we would have to give up "Curpaige Beach," our very own personal beach. Not sure if I could do that, so I suppose there is a positive side to not finishing our tunnel. 

Anyway pals, I have to be off. The humans are not home today so I have loads of stuff to do. 

Speak soon


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Black Out

Hello Pals,

Hope all is well. All seems to be well here and for the first time in weeks, my blog is on time. That has to be a good thing, no?

It's been busy here and the humans have been eating loads of chocolates and 'Figolli' (local sweet baked for Easter), because it's 'Easter'. That is so not fair.... We were still not allowed any chocolates, and this time they put them way out of our reach. They say it's bad for us. Bad for us ha? Then how come it isn't bad for them? My human ma has eaten so many Easter eggs, she is beginning to look like an Easter Egg herself... and I'm not joking!!!!

Easter weekend was cool. We got a total blackout on Friday. The entire country went black. You couldn't seen anything outside except for the moon and many many many stars. In fact, there were so many stars I couldn't count them all, and I can count up to 400! We couldn't see anything inside either so the humans lit some candles up all over the house. What was cool though was the fact that the humans went to bed early, and left the camera within my reach. I didn't manage to take any pictures of the Bug or myself because it was too dark and I didn't want to use the flash in case I woke the humans up, so I took loads and loads of pictures of the candles. Have a look. Don't you think they're lovely?

Anyway pals, I have to go. The humans will soon be back from work and I still have to clean up.

Speak soon