Tuesday, March 30, 2010

St Patrick's Day

Hello Pals,

Another very busy week has gone by, and I have yet to tell you about St. Patrick's Day on the 17th March'10 and our first taste of 'Guiness'.

Not sure who Mr. 'St. Patrick' is, but he sure makes nice Beer! You see apparently this Mr. St. Patrick is Irish and he has his own Brewery in Ireland, but somehow his beer is exported from there and transported all over the world, including Malta. Well, of course on St. Patrick's Day the humans went out to celebrate and Paige and I stayed at home alone. I heard them say something about getting drunk on Guiness. I wasn't sure if they were referring to us or themselves, but I figured they were expecting us to get drunk on this fine beer, as they left it in the fridge and didn't take it with them.

So, as the humans left, Paige who has become very mature over the past few weeks, suggested we used our very own Beer dispenser filled with Guiness and taste the beer. It was amazing, and we drank and drank and drank, until we started to feel dizzy and fell asleep. Before we knew it, we heard keys in the door! Oh no! I thought, still drowsy. The humans are back!!! ... and they were going to catch us in the act. I nearly froze! The Bug, was still asleep... I was going to get all the blame....

Lucky for us, the humans went straight to bed without coming into the living room. They thought we were both asleep and didn't want to wake us up. As soon as I was sure they were asleep I woke the Bug up and cleaned the place up. No-one noticed in the morning. What a close call that was. We nearly blew our secret up, and all because of the Bug! Had she not tempted me into trying the beer, we would never have gotten drunk on  it and we would never have had such a close call. Not sure I will trust her again. Having said that, I thought this Guiness Beer was Divine... thinking about it.... It probably is Divine, seeing it is brewed by a Saint! Not sure were the irish connection is though if it's brewed in Heaven. Maybe , Patrick sends it to Ireland first, and then it is distributed by the Irish? Possibly... I'm not really bothered to know, as long as I can get it every year, that's fine by me.

I'm off pals.

Love Curtis

P.S. Still waiting for my letter asking me to starr in "Playdog" magazine

Friday, March 19, 2010

My new haircut....

Hello Pals,

Just a short note to appologise for not posting last week, but it was a rather sad week and I had a human with a broken heart to take care of. Things seem to have settled well again here, although the humans still sometimes get sad about Bud crossing over to rainbow bridge.

In the mean time, in order to keep busy and keep her mind off things the human decided to give me a hair cut. I can't say I particularly enjoyed it, but I like the results. Look at little handsome me, in the pictures. I'm pretty sure the girls are going to be queuing behind our door to set a date with me, and I'm sure 'Playdog' will be asking me to stare on one of their magazine covers.

In the meantime, it was St Patrick's Day last Wednesday. The humans went out and the Bug and I stayed at home, and had our first taste of Guiness.....

....Shhhhhhh.... I hear humans coming....  I got to run....  More about St. Patrick's Day and Guiness in next weeks post

Love Curtis

Friday, March 5, 2010

A sad day....

Hiya Pals,

It's a very sad day for us here at home today. My human was sitting at her laptop when she got a phone call from her mama. All of a sudden she was sad and had tears running down her face. I was kind of confused. I never saw her like that. Then when she hung up she looked at Paige and I, and said she loved us and gave us a kiss. I wasn't sure what to think. I licked her tears, just to make her feel better. I wish we could tell her we love her too. Then she set down writing a letter. She said it will make her feel better. When she was ready, I went to have a look, and that's when I figured it out. Her friend.... well our friend... Bud the Bull Terrier crossed over to rainbow bridge this afternoon. He had something called a brain tumor apparently. I'm posting her letter, I know I shouldn't really but I figure since she doesn't know it can't hurt her:

"Dear Bud,

You came into my life 6 years ago, when I turned 18. I had been waiting for you for years.  I had had a long break from shows, and I was dying to get back. After 2 years of torture, you arrived and I can assure you, you were well worth the wait. I didn't say that at the first show of course. I had worked very hard on you, and you were an amazing show puppy in the backyard, but you had other plans for the show ring. I remember it well Bud, the judge had a scarf and you decided you wanted it at all costs. So you jumped and pulled and were a typical bull terrier puppy. I was so mad at you. The next show you decided to make it up and the show after that you showed even better... Best Puppy in Group, Best in Group and Reserve Best Puppy in Show! I was so proud of you. 

You kept making me proud and for the next 4 years I enjoyed showing you. You loved it in there, and we had a special connection. You won a lot, we won a lot, more then any other bull terrier on the island ever had. You retired at 5 years old, a well earned retirement I may say. You were a star Bud, not only in the ring but even outside. You loved everyone and everything and never harmed a fly. You also chewed on anything you found, but we still loved you to bits. Once you walked into the kitchen carrying half a brick.... the rest of it was already in your stomach. 

Today is a very sad day for me Bud. You decided to cross the bridge, without saying goodbye. I won't hear your bark every time I visit my mum, you won't pull towards me when you see me in the streets and I will never again take you for a walk or feed you when dad is abroad. There will be a new star in the sky tonight... the brightest of them all....

Good Night baby, you will always have a special place in my heart. Look for Wendy, Nelly and Skittles, give them a big kiss from us and tell them we miss them, just like we are already missing you.

Love you always.... Until we meet again

xxx Lee"

Sad isn't it, I can almost feel her pain. I got to go pals. I have a human with a broken heart to take care of,

Speak soon


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Bug is in trouble BIG TIME

Hey Pals,

The Bug is in trouble with the humans big time. They went away for a few days to the UK and left us in Malta, which in a way was really cool because we got to do all we wanted while they were away without being told off. Well the Bug over did it a little, she used to bark at the birds, and bark at anything that passed close by from dogs to horses even humans. Well the neighbors didn't like it.... and guess what? They told everything to our humans! Needless to say they weren't pleased, so now they said we can never ever be home alone when they go abroad :(

Anyway, it was nice to be home alone but we were sure pleased to see them when they got home. We both kind of missed them. And guess what? They got a us presents! They got us a large squeaking ball and this HUGE doughnut bed. Well the squeaking ball is already at Toy Rainbow Bridge because SOMEONE decided to destroy it while I was asleep. I am now guarding the bed with both eyes to make sure this certain SOMEONE doesn't destroy it.

Not much else to say pals... Got to go to guard my bed. Can't wait till the humans go back on holiday, so they can get me another one :))

Love Curtis