Saturday, February 20, 2010

The GO Malta Song 2010 ... My perspective

Hello Pals,

I guess if your humans are anything like mine, they've all stayed at home to watch The GO Malta Song 2010, the contest where a song gets chosen to represent the island in another concert. Tonight was my first time seeing it, and I have to make it a point to act sick next year so they can take me to the vet's or something, instead of watchin' it. I won't comment on the music as that is not my area, but I know a thing or two about fashion and boy do they need a consultant! It makes you wonder whether some humans look in the mirror before going out. 

I mean would you get out of the house if you looked like a cabbage from star trek? Someone commented about a group of girls looking like "Desprate Housewives" and I couldn't agree more. I also saw 'Never ending story' written all over a pair of thighs someone decided to show. What was she thinking? I can understand why no dogs where allowed in the hall. What about the girl in her nightdress? You know, I feel sorry for the pals owned by these humans. I truly feel for you pals, you must find it really humiliating, having your humans look like that on National Television. You really should try and stop them from taking you out during the next few weeks or so, until the other humans forget about this ordeal.

On the other hand, when the contest was over, 'Chasing Pandora' came on. Boy! I love that girl. I really think she should have entered the contest, she would surely have won! After them came a lady with a hypnotic voice which was followed by one of my human's favorite local artists.

I didn't quite understand what the joke was about, but my human said the presenter should watch it when he translates the maltese words 'Ejja ejja' in English on National Television, especially in the presence of a very sexy international artist. My human said something about half of the male population agreeing with him. 

By now anyone who hasn't watched it is wondering about the winner. Well the winner was...  Thea with her song 'My Dream'. Actually, not so bad considering. I kind of liked the song, and the Angel behind her was really nice, it created a mystic effect... and I liked her dress! Let's hope she will place high in Norway. Good Luck Thea!

Pals, I'm off. I don't want to be caught on the computer. Now the results are out it is only a matter of time till the humans get off the sofa. 

Speak soon


PS. Pictures are of the 2 presenters on tv. The other picture is of me half way through the contest... half asleep, and of course the final picture is of the WINNER :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

Hello Pals,

Did any of you know it was St. Valentine's Day last Sunday? I only found out earlier last week. For those of you who are still wondering what St. Valentine's Day is, it is a day where males buy gifts for the special females in their life or at least that's what my human said. Some men also dress in silly costumes in diapers with wings and a bow and arrow and call themselves cupid. Some female humans say it's sweet, I think it's plain stupid. Maybe that's why they call themselves Cupid, because it rhymes with stupid - STUPID CUPID!

Anyway, because I'm an 'eligible bachelor' (I don't like the word 'single') and I don't have my own female, I decided to buy a rose for the special females in my life. Now like everything which involves humans, there are rules to this event too. You can only get  gifts for one female. Now I have two very special females in my life, my human ma and the Bug. My human ma will do anything for me, so strictly speaking I should have bought her a gift, but I knew my other human would get her something so instead I got something for Paige. Not that I think she's special or anything. Well... Ok maybe she is... just a little bit though... Er...Ok... Maybe I care more then just a little bit.... Erm... Well ok, you got my point. Anyway, so I sneaked out early last Sunday while everyone was asleep and got her the MOST beautiful rose I found on the island.... and you know what? She loved it! I was so happy! Then the humans woke up, and my human ma thought the other human got it for her, and she was so happy. So not only did I get the bug a rose, I saved my human dad a lot of nagging... He on the other had is still puzzled and is wondering where it came from.

As you can see, pictures are back this week. I've figured a way how to open the top cupboard and get the camera out. Am I smart or what? With regards to last week post, I'm still working on it. Not that I did much work this week, I was too busy thinking of a way to surprise the Bug, and for obvious reasons, the Bug comes before saving the World.

Until next time pals,

Love Curtis

PS. Pictures are of the rose I got for Paige, Paige smelling the rose and the Bug and I on the sofa with our rose

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The World is Going Crazy

Hello Pals,

Is it just me or have any of you noticed a lot of strange things happening lately? Something's definitely not right here. It's winter and the sun is out, the humans are eating spring food in winter, the bug wants to be a dishwasher or waste bin in her next life and our neighbour has developed OCD.

After a lot of research, I have come to the conclusion that there are three possibilities:

Possibility number 1: Global Warming - but that wouldn't explain why the bug want to become a dishwasher or waste bin in her next life, nor does it explain why our neighbour has all of a sudden developed OCD over her clothes and is saying she is finding MY hair over HER clothes... Now why would I want to waste MY hair over HER clothes. Unless she stole my coat in the first place, and is only saying this because she was scared I'd figure it out.

Possibility number 2: Global Warming is a natural phenomenon, which is causing a climate change, which is causing crops to be harvested earlier. This possibility clears our neighbour from my recent diagnoses of OCD, and attributes her recent behaviour to a head injury. Due to the hot temperatures, our neighbour was sweating, slipped in her own sweat, hit her head and started imagining stuff. Paige's behaviour is merely a teenage phase, where she is trying to find her place in the world and is saying all this because she wants to draw attention or is obsessed with food. 

Possibility number 3: A demonic plan by someone to take over the World. They are causing the high temperatures, so food is harvested earlier, causing the world to be famished in a few months time (Because all the crops would have either perished or been eaten). They have taken over the Bug's brain, so that she cannot help me save the world when the time comes. The neighbour's OCD is completely unrelated. It was there beforehand and is only displaying the symptoms now. 

I reckon it is possibility number 3. So I have come up with a plan:

1. Find the Mastermind behind all this
2. Destroy the enemy
3. Restore order in this world
4. Talk to the Bug about her new obsession
5. Send the neighbour to a psychiatrist

Until next time pals...

Super C.
(aka Curtis)