Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A very late post!


I am so so so soooooo sorry for this late post, but I've been so busy round here I have no clue from where to start. I have been so busy co-ordinating a food donation activity for unlucky dogs and cats in shelters that I kind of lost track of the time. Let me tell you all about it.

After Paige and I (Did I just call the Bug, 'Paige' spontaneously?), received all the those presents from the man in the red suite and our humans, I thought about all those homeless pals in shelters and wondered if the man in the red suite went there too. After loads of enquirers through howling on the roof and barking at school, it came to my knowledge that the man in the red suite very rarely visits them. This really saddened me, so I had to figure a way to somehow get them gifts my self and send them to them. The question was how? I couldn't exactly go to my human and TELL her, or write her a letter, so I started dropping hints. She always reminds us of the strays and pals in shelters when we waist our food, so I figured that by leaving my food in the bowl I could remind her of them, and with that coupled with a bit of telepathy from my side, I could just drive the thought into her head. It took her a week to finally understand what I was telling her, but it worked. In the meantime, my pal Jake, the Alaskan Malamute, did the same with his human. His human works with my human, and they came up with the idea of asking their human pals at work to bring food for all the shelter animals. Well, they THINK they came up with the idea, the truth is I AM the MASTERMIND behind this plan. Anyway, in all they collected twenty five 20kg bags off food and about five large boxes of tinned food.

So anyway, yesterday, Daniela (Jake's human), my human and Josvic... not sure who he is, I think he's their slave or something as they made him carry all the bags and drive them around, went from sanctuary to sanctuary taking them food. My human said they were very very very happy with all the donations. I just want to say a BIG thank you to all the staff at my human's place of work for their help. For those of you who don't know, my human works on a farm where they fight the angel of death every day. Cool ha? I think it's called 'The Accident and Emergency Department', and my human says it can be a really cool place at times.

Anyway, enough on the collection. I have some news about the Bug. She had a show, 2 weekends ago and she won!!!! She got BEST PUPPY IN SHOW! I couldn't believe it when she told me, but then the human showed me her rosette and her trophy! Wow! I am so proud of my baby sister. I think I'm going to have a tough time scaring boys away when she's old enough to start dating. I hope my human won't expect me to look after her from that aspect, as it will be a tough job. You know, when you get past how annoying she is, and how much she whines when she wants something, she is actually a really nice girl!

Anyway pals, I have to be off as I have 101 things to do!

Speak soon


PS Picture of the Bug doing her thing

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Tree disappeared!


You are not going to believe this! As fast as the tree appeared in my living room, it disappeared! The Present growing tree.... disappeared! I was asleep one afternoon, and when I woke up ... ***Poof*** It had disappeared, and along with in went the nice gold and silver fruit it grew, which I never got to taste and all the Christmas decorations around the house. The Bug said Christmas is over, and the humans packed everything away. What about the tree? They can't possibly have stored a 6 foot tree somewhere... I would have surely seen it somewhere. I have a feeling it got stolen, and I'm pretty sure the Bug knows something and is covering up for them. I MUST investigate... when i get time!

Christmas holidays are over, and the Bug and I are back at school. From what I heard, SHE is doing very well at Ring Craft classes, while my instructor is super proud of me. He said he saw a huge improvement in the obedience arena over Christmas. It must be resolution number..... hmmm... can't remember what number it was, but one of my three hundred and four resolutions involved being good at school and behaving more when out for a walk. 

We have a new accessory in the house.... a Pet Door! For those of you whose I.Q. is low, a pet door is a flap which the humans stick to a door and through which we can pass when the door is closed. Kind of like magic... you just bump into it and you go through the door. Cool ha?! I learnt how to use it in less then 10 minutes. Am I smart or what? The Bug, whose I.Q. is significantly lower then mine, took over 15 minutes to grasp the concept. She still thinks its magic! That girl amazes me... she can be so smart in some useless stuff like knowing all about the man in the red suite, and the tree... but when it comes to USEFUL, PRACTICAL stuff.... her I.Q. is somewhere six feet below the ground! Eh! Girls eh? 

Anyway pals, I got to run. No pictures this week, as once again the DSLR has been put out of my reach. The Bug was trying to take pictures with it the other day and left paw marks over it. The humans must have suspected something yet again and have put it somewhere way out of my reach. I will figure something out for next week though, so don't worry.

Speak soon


Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year to all of you reading this blog. I hope you had a good Christmas and the Man in the Red Suite got you all you had asked him to. He certainly got me all I wanted and the weighing scales are showing it too. I think I have eaten a little bit too much, so I guess it's that time of the year where I have to go on a diet... like 99% of the human population of course.

Sorry for yet another late blog. The humans are on holidays and I don't have much time to use the laptop as they're always around.

While the rest of Europe is freezing, and our friends are enjoying the Snow, we have been enjoying the Beaches, the sun and sea at a staggering 22C !!!! This is a Summery Winter.. and while I miss the snow... I'm loving it. It's like being in Hawaii, except there are no hot girls here. But I'm still loving it.The weather was so nice yesterday, that the Bug and I decided to have a swim. The human nearly had a fit when she saw us swimming. It was cold, but we loved it... and I loved rolling Paige in the sand afterwards even more. It was so cool! The sand stuck to her wet coat and it was like having a moving sand monster... only it was a GIANT moving Bug! Hihi! It was so funny. We went home afterwards, and of course we had our 'Luxury treatment' involving water, soap and warm air (previously called Torture). Needless to say, by the time all this was over, I was knackered, and too tired to wait for the humans to go to bed to use the computer, so the blog had to wait yet another day.

Any resolutions pals? I made a few, but I will only mention my favorite ones:

Resolution number 1: Eat what I'm given and not beg for treats - I need to shape up for summer, so I have to stay away from puddings, cakes and treats.

Resolution number 2: Indulge into more mental stimulation - I woke up at midday today, my brain had plenty of time to work out. I dreamt of doughnuts, cookies and cakes. My brain had such a work out I had to eat a cookie when I woke up.... ooopss that kind of breaks Resolution number 1 right? Maybe I'll forget Resolution number 1 for this year and do it next year.

Resolution number 134: Behave more - I have to behave more, otherwise the man in the red suite will not get me cookies, toys and treats, but will instead get me a lump of coal. Not a good idea.

Resolution number 254: Treat the Bug like a sister - My sister has a name. It is not the Bug, the witch, the b*tch or the sand monster. Her name is Paige, and that is what I will call her (where possible). Of course that doesn't include using those names and being nice in this blog, when mentioning her to my friends and when we are fighting. In fact, that resolution can be amended to: I will call my sister by her name when she is being nice to me and my friends aren't about. 

Resolutions apart, I promise to be a good boy this year and behave well at school, being a better boy is a present I want to give to my daddy for the next Christmas, so I intend to work hard on it. :)

Anyway pals, I got to run. I heard the Bug mentioning something about going swimming today again, and I don't want them to leave me behind.

Speak soon