Thursday, November 26, 2009

Teenage Rebel

Hiya Pals,

Sorry for the late post this week, but it's been crazy. The bug recently turned 6 months old, which means she has reached the human equivalent of a teenager, which means she has reached THAT age. That age where she thinks she's an adult, can do what she wants and thinks she can twist anyone round her little paw! This  means the humans have to keep a closer eye on her... and of course it is up to me to keep an eye on her when the humans are at work. The Mama is all the time saying 'Curtis watch that baby'.  Watching the baby has proven harder then I thought. Hihi... she hates it when the humans call her 'the baby'... especially now that she thinks she is all grown up and mature.

Grown up and Mature!!! Yeah right!!! She is anything but that!!! Just recently in fact she chewed on a new carpet and on an old door.... while I was resting my eyes for a few minutes... (NO I wasn't sleeping!) The humans weren't too impressed. Our humans weren't impressed with a lot of things she did this week in fact, even when they were watching her. They took us for a walk in the countryside and 'the baby' rolled in a puddle of mud... then when we reached the seaside she jumped into the sea. Mama was screaming her head off. I was secretly smiling because it was so funny... what was funnier was the bug's expression when she realized she was going to have a bath when we got home.

Sources that cannot be disclosed have also informed me that she took part in a nude photo shoot when she was in Poland, just before she came to live with us and her pictures will be published in a Calendar due for release next year. I haven't told the humans about it... I don't think they're going to be too pleased when they find out their "Little girl" is getting involved in this sort of thing. Of course this gives me something to blackmail her with when she is being naughty at home. In fact I have used this very thing today to be able to sit on my sofa and type this blog, while she is upstairs in her room.... because I TOLD HER SO! :)) I must be a genius!

Anyway pals, I have to be off. I still haven't watched any TV today ...

Speak soon


Monday, November 16, 2009

The Bug's first show

Good afternoon World!

Hope all is well. All is well here, in fact I haven't felt so relaxed and well rested in weeks.... Ever since the bug came home to be exact. Well, she had her first show yesterday, so she was out all day with the humans, while I got to stretch my feet, relax and sleep ... ALL IN MY OWN time! How cool is that! What was even better was that she was so tired by the time they got back, that she went straight to bed, which meant I got some quality time with the humans ALONE... while SHE was asleep :)))

To her credit, the humans said she showed extremely well. She only got Best of Breed, and didn't place in the group but my humans were really proud of her... and so am I, in a weird kind of way. I saw her pictures of my humans' laptop and if she showed as well as she seems to be in the pics... then I have a STAR as a sister. Which is really cool. I mean, if she is good at this, she will be taken to more shows, which means I get to get more FREE time on my own... which also means .... more time to SLEEP!!!

Anyway, I think I'll best run off. Don't want her to wake up and find me on here, in case she goes to blabla everything to the world.



 PS.  Pictures above are of the bug showing. Pictures courtesy of my human dad Dennis Mifsud .

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Bug is GROWING

The Bug is growing FAST.

She will be 6 months in 2 days time and what a gorgeous little bug she is turning out to be. I have to admit, I'm going to find it hard to keep my eyes off her if she gets any better then this... It's already a struggle now! I hope I won't get too jealous when she starts bringing her boyfriends home. I can't believe I'm thinking this stuff, I'm old enough to be her father!

Anyway, she maybe maturing physically, but mentally she is still the baby she was 3 weeks ago, when we first got her. Her new obsession involves the toilet bowl. She has to walk in the bathroom and have a look at what's inside the toilet bowl every time she passes from in front of the bathroom. I mean, I am not sure what she expects to find in there.... and you should see the look on her face when somebody flushes the toilet. It's priceless. I am thinking of getting her, her own little flushing toilet, just to keep her quiet. It's the only time of the day when I can get away from her. The humans say I should get it for her as a Christmas present. Not sure what they mean? What is Christmas?

Well best be off. I think my human is back from shopping.

Cheerio.... Until Next time...


Caught in the act! Ha!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I am being ABUSED

Hi Pals...

I reeealllllllyyy need to vent today!!! I no longer have MY own humans, MY  own toys, MY own drinking bowl... not even MY own FOOD BOWL. The Bug has decided that what is hers, is hers... what is OURS is hers and what is MINE is also HERS. Can you believe how greedy she is? I have to share EVERYTHING with her including my toys and bed.... AND all the cuddles from the humans.

Geeze guys... I think I am going to join the Association for Battered Men or battered dogs or what ever they call it. I am being abused BIG TIME by the Bug! I'll be lying there relaxing one minute... the next thing I know is I am being dragged about from my coat all around the room.... and guess by whom? By the little bug of course.  I can no longer sleep when I want to... I can only sleep when SHE wants me to. I can't even play when I want, and if SHE wants to play and I don't, then poor little me, because I have to play anyway.

Geeze what is it with women and this family. Can't you girls just let us guys relax when WE WANT to?!!!

I'm off before I'll have to share MY OWN BLOG too!