Thursday, October 29, 2009

Refurbishment of the house

Hello Pals,

Yet another week has passed, and what a week it has been. The humans decided it was time to refurbish our house, well rather then refurbish ... I would say furnish our house. You  see, we moved in this new place, because I wanted a place of my own with my own humans. So the humans and I moved in, in a bit of a hurry, and the place wasn't entirely finished yet. The last of the maintenance people came today and the sofa people should be coming today too. I can't wait!

I mean seriously guys, how can humans move into a place with NO sofa. Poor me had to relax on a pillow, which by the way I have had to share with the ADDITION (aka Paige) during the past 2 weeks. But now I'm going to have MY OWN sofa! YEY! Can't wait.

Anyway pals, I have to run... I hear pawsteps...

Speak soon


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A week with the little one

Good Morning World!

The humans just left for work, so I thought I'd sit at the desk and write a quick blog before Paige (aka THE ADDITION) wakes up.

A week has passed and we have enjoyed every second of it. We've been out walking and running in the countryside. We also went to school 2 days ago. I was doing agility with my human dad, while Paige was doing Ring Craft with the human mum. Human mum was really pleased with her, she behaved really well apperently. Guess she likes it... Not my style, I prefare jumping those obstacles and doing my downs to impress the girls in my class rather then standing and walking for a reward. I think its too... erm... how shall I put it... classy for me. I like the fast staff... RUN Curtis.... JUMP Curtis.... DOWN Curtis.... GOOD BOY!!!

THE ADDITION can be quite a BUG. She wants to play all day. I enjoy playing with her, but boy she tires me out, and she can't get it into her peasize brain of hers that I need time to relax and get my beauty sleep. She can be quite persuasive too. I will say no to her, then she will give me those sweet puppy eyes, and I just HAVE to play with her. She bosses me around too... and she is only 5 months old. Hruuuuummmmmpppphhh... Girls eh! What can you do?

Anyway pals, I think I'll best be off. I think I can hear paw steps coming, and I don't want her to tell the humans I've been in here.

Speak soon


Thursday, October 15, 2009

The new addition is home

Hello World!

The NEW addition is home. She is a miniature me! It's like seeing a picture of me at 5 months old come to life! Seriously guys... I thought another human was coming, but NO she is a 5 month old Australian Shepherd, just like me. She has the same coloring, with a little more white, and she is the cutest thing ever. She has a teeny weeny tail too.

I was so excited to see her, and she got me some toys. We played for hours and hours together yesterday, until we were so exhausted we could hardly move. The humans are really proud of me because I like her and I am taking care of her. Hrummmphhh... What did they think? Did they think I was going to send her away!!! How could I? She is so adorable.... Even though she took MY entire bed last night.

Anyway pals, I'm off. Got to go and play with the addition... by the way, the humans call her Paige, so I guess that's her name. I haven't told her about the blog yet, don't want her to go and bla bla everything to the humans. I will tell her, when she is a bit older, old enough to keep a secret.

See you around pals,

Love Curtis

P.S. This is her

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My weekend

Hello Pals,

Hope this entry finds you all well. I'm doing well here, still a bit exhausted from the long weekend though.

It's autumn here... (Is it autumn in the rest of the world too?) The weather has finally started to cool down a little bit, which by the way is brilliant news for me. You see, in summer it is TOO HOT to go for long walks, so I only get short walks in the morning and slightly longer ones in the evening besides swimming. Now that autumn is here though, I get to go for way longer walks... and I get to run off leash. How cool is that!!! Both my humans had the weekend off so we decided to go for one of our long walks in the countryside, and boy did I enjoy it! You'll never guess what I found. I found a rabbit borrow and rabbit poo. I got to eat some as well, but shhhhhhhhhhh... don't tell the humans, otherwise they'll brush my teeth. I got to chase a couple of birds, and drank from a puddle full of muddy water. The human was screaming her guts out when she saw me! I chased her and made her chase me. Heh! I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

 I have to admit I was mega tired by the time the walk was over! And that's not it... In the evening I also got to go for a long walk with my best friend Bud, the bull terrier. He belonged to my human Lee, when she lived with her humans, but had to leave him behind when her and my other human came to live with me. Her folks didn't let her bring him to live with us, which in a way is better for me. I get to get all of their attention :) But I like the guy, he is cool... and strong! And I also enjoy walks with him when they take me to see him.

Anyway pals, I think I best get off the laptop. My humans are downstairs getting dinner ready and I don't want them to catch me up here typing, so I'll be off for now.

I'll post soon!



P.S This is me yesterday!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hello !!!

Good Morning World!

Well in actual fact it is waaaaaaaay past midday here, but I just woke up from my mid-morning nap. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself, my blog and my family.

My name is Curtis, I am 16 months old, and I live on the tiny island of Malta. Malta is situated right in the middle of the  mediterranean sea, somewhere between Italy and Libya. (I know all that! Geeze, am I smart or what!!!) I am an only dog, and I have been living with my pet-parents Den & Lee for the past 6 months or so. They say, a new addition will be joining us soon. She will be called Paige apperently. A new sister! I haven't met her yet, so I am not quite sure what to think of her, but I will let you all know once she gets here.

I do obedience and agility with my humans, and am getting really good at it. I also enjoy using the computer when my humans are at work. They know I'm smart, but they don't know I'm smart enough to use a laptop, so try and keep this quite and make sure not too many humans get to know about this; ust in case someone tells them. I'll try to write about my life here at least weekly, but I can't promise. As I said, I have to do it discretly. I don't want them to find out and think I'm some kind of freak!

Anyway, I think it is best if I stopped here for today. Lee will soon be home, and I still have to wipe all the slobber from the keypad and make sure there are no paw prints on the chair.

Speak soon